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    I definitely recommend first lash. Lily uses the highest quality lashes and glue. it doesn’t feel like I am wearing on lashes at all! Lily has the best judgement and she knows what looks best on my face. I love waking up pretty and I love my lashes every time .

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    Lily is well trained in the art of lash extensions and she's always thriving to learn more and perfect her craft. She doesn't just apply lashes, she educates you on the pros and cons, length and shape, what works for your eyes and lifestyle, meanwhile taking great care of you and your lashes. You come out of the appointment with a little more knowledge and BEAUTIFUL LASHES! She's done microblading on my brows and corrected a bald spot on one of my eyebrow. I tell all my friends about this amazing girl!! You won't regret it!

  • *****

    Lily is the only person I'd trust my lashes with. She is safe, careful, and well trained. I would definitely agreed that you should invest on your lashes, please do not cut corner and pay cheaper lashes.

    Usually lash applications are uncomfortable but Lily is very gentle and she knows what looks good on my face. The picture that I posted is three weeks old lashes and it still looks on point!

    I would recommend first lash to everyone I know.

    5/5 stars.

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